Letter: Say 'no' to Falmouth facilities plan

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We have lived in Falmouth since 1965 and have managed just fine without a community center. With the economy the way it is, I don’t feel that the average Falmouth resident can keep taking on more and more just because a certain few feel this is the way we should go. We try to teach our children to live within their means and to be thinking ahead for a rainy day. I don’t think that’s what is being proposed with all these wants.

The town wanted to eliminate certain street lights to save money and now it’s being suggested to take on moving the library, the Town Hall and have a community center. What’s wrong with this picture? Let’s get real: we can’t afford it. Maybe there are too many people on the payroll for the amount of services rendered. I would hate to see the town take on projects of this magnitude and see people feel they can no longer afford to live here. It’s a beautiful town. Let’s keep it that way. I suggest that this project be put on the back burner and let this site be used for something to bring money in to be set aside for that “rainy day.” It’s time to say “no.”

Mary Stowell