Letter: Save the Portland-Falmouth bus

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I write to offer thanks to Annie Finch for the well-written column “Confessions of a Falmouth ‘choice’ bus rider” that appeared in the Northern edition of The Forecaster. I have also come to appreciate the Falmouth Flyer, although in my case it is because I am a senior who no longer drives.

It is my understanding the Falmouth Town Council is considering eliminating its support for the Flyer. I am a Portland resident who regularly uses the bus. It provides me with access to Wal-Mart and Shaw’s and the shops at Falmouth Village, where I regularly shop. My dentist and two doctors have offices on or just off Route 1 in Falmouth. I am acquainted with other Portland residents who also prefer to shop in Falmouth and depend on the bus. I also have noticed regular riders on the morning bus who utilize it to get to work in Falmouth.

I would hope that the councilors would balance the cost of support for the Flyer with the loss of revenue from a reduced customer base that might cause smaller shops and some professional service providers to leave Falmouth. As Ms. Finch noted, the service provided by the Falmouth Flyer is a contributing factor to making Falmouth a great town. I would hope that the town will continue to support this important contributor to its economic well being.

Stanley Baron