Letter: 'Sanctimonious liberals' are the problem

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Sanctimonious liberals seem to be something of a problem in politics. The presidency changes the man because the man finally finds out what is really going on in the world.

Obama seems to be teachable. Liberals are irritated by Obama’s acceptance of a tax bill that keeps millions more off the welfare rolls via unemployment payments, because they all know that the more people you have on welfare, the more successful the program is.

Taxing the wealthy even more is stupid. The top tier of taxpayers, the top 5 percent, pay 73 percent of the taxes in this country. The bottom 50 percent pay nothing. The middle class being squeezed for more money reduces their discretionary income, which means less spreading of wealth, which means fewer jobs all around.

Remember the luxury tax (10-12 percent) put on new boats built in Maine about 10 years ago? Remember how the boat building business tanked because of that, throwing hundreds of skilled boat workers onto the welfare rolls? Remember how once the tax was removed, business took off again?

Increased taxation kills jobs, increases welfare, and keeps people poor. Liberals just don’t get it. Obama does. His about-face on the war is also another example of how he is learning about reality, and how some people don’t like us just because of who we are.

I’ve never understood why liberals call themselves “progressive,” when most of what they advocate is actually regressive, keeping the public poor, compliant, ignorant, and in thrall to the government.

Brian Peterson