Letter: Salvation Army isn't charitable to all

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Having just read Kate Bucklin’s article on VIA Group’s efforts to promote the Salvation Army, I feel that some pertinent information was omitted. The Salvation Army, contrary to popular opinion, is not a charitable organization. It is a fundamentalist religious denomination that has helped sponsor anti-gay rights initiatives all over the country. The Salvation Army discriminates against gay people, as well as discriminating against people from other religions. Because of its right-wing political efforts it was a favored religious group of George W. Bush, and was the primary recipient of most of the money from his “faith-based initiative” efforts. Please do not be deceived by public relations campaigns designed to whitewash the Salvation Army’s image. Money you donate to the Salvation Army will help them sponsor anti-gay and anti-choice efforts. I hope that progressive Portlanders will join me in boycotting any business that aligns itself with them.

James Melanson

Portland, Me.