Letter: Rowe for governor

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I recently received an invitation to become one of 1,000 women “Rowing for Steve.” As much as I love to be on the water, this has nothing to do with boating. This has to do with joining a team supporting Steve Rowe’s run for governor. The first time I heard Steve Rowe speak he was our attorney general and he was addressing a room of seasoned domestic abuse advocates at a statewide advanced training. I remember wondering what he could possibly say to us that we didn’t already know.

It wasn’t what he said, it was the way he spoke that struck me. He was confident, but not arrogant. He was compassionate, yet honest about some of the limitations that legal remedies could provide. He was knowledgeable, but willing to be informed and listened earnestly about the complex challenges people struggling with domestic abuse face in their daily lives.

Since then I have come to know Steve Rowe as a respectful and approachable person. If the floor needed sweeping, he would pick up a broom. He gets the job done. He has integrity and is committed to serving our community. He offers clear direction and doesn’t sit on the fence or in the middle of the road hoping to appease everyone.

I’ve never volunteered for a political campaign before, but Steve Rowe is man who makes you want to help out. He brings out the best in the people around him and, I believe, he will make a fine governor.

Susan Fuller