Letter: Rousselle column surprises, enlightens

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The Forecaster Forum by the Scarborough native about her experiences while working at her summer job at Walmart was surprising. The usual weekly columns attack Gov. LePage and his administration. The following week’s edition ran more like your normal editing favoring the Democratic slant on politics.

What continues to amaze me is the response liberals have to such a point of view that Christine Rousselle presented. Not once did I see where anyone agreed that the state has a problem with the welfare system; they attacked the college student personally. Not mature enough, ultra conservative, looking for abuses and not disclosing all the good the DHHS does for the state of Maine.

Maine has at least our share of abusers who strive to stay on the system for generations. This problem has taken years to reach this boiling point and will take many more to right the ship in its proper path. I have no problems sharing our tax money with worthy citizens who have fallen on hard times and feel once we purge the abusers off this teat there will be more than enough money to provide for those in need.

David Bruneau
South Portland