Letter: Rogers for Bath state representative

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So many times in our family budget we choose between the “must have” and the “nice to have.” Since money is tight and borrowing is irresponsible, the “nice to have” is very limited. The city and the state should function no differently. I’ve watched Kyle Rogers work diligently for the city of Bath. He brings up the tough issues, dealing with them head on, not pretending they don’t exist then acting surprised later when there’s no money for them. We need that courage and common sense in Augusta. When Kyle does have to make compromises in the decision making in the House, it won’t be because he owes something to lobbyists. He gave our country 20 years in the Navy, and now he wants to help lead our city and our state to a place where citizens again have the hope of attaining the American dream. Vote Kyle Rogers.

Diane Simmler