Letter: Right to know is ignored all over

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I read the Editor’s Notebook column about public officials in Topsham and South Portland snubbing the public’s right to know. I have no doubt that it’s true and what’s even scarier is that it is happening all across the United States at all levels of government. I contacted the president of the Maine Freedom of Information Coalition, who stated as long as public officials make their final decision in public, although they reached a consensus with telephone calls that the public has no access to, everything is legal under the Freedom of Information Act.

It is very obvious when public officials like town councilors have little public discussion because they already know what the decision will be. Maybe it’s time that all elected officials have telephones with recorders in order that we, the voters, can listen to what they are really up to behind closed doors. Do I think that would ever happen? It will be at the same time that government reforms itself: When pigs fly!

Lane Hiltunen