Letter: Richard is the GOP choice

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Vote for Republican Mark Richard for state representative in District 112. The Democrat policies for almost 40 years have been pushing Maine deeper in debt. That is not debatable. The famous “Maine Piglet Book” reports that the state treasurer’s office and state controller’s office now acknowledge nearly $13 billion in debt that Maine taxpayers owe. This debt must be paid.

The Democratic party has had significant power to take money from your pockets, to enact their policy. The Democratic party, as majority, dictated policy and taxed you to fund it. But, they did not fully fund it. A critical fiscal crisis looms, and bailouts and stimulus funding from Washington are just another tax on you.

But in 30-plus years of Democratic control and profligate spending on their pet policies and programs, has Maine improved its environment for job creation? Are job opportunities allowing your children to stay in Maine? Of course not. In the last decade, we have an abysmal record of private job growth, about 60 net jobs. And you wonder why your children must leave?

Also, have you asked your Democrat representative why her party opposes your right to save thousands of dollars annually on health insurance? Allowing policies offered in other states, including our neighbor, New Hampshire, we would definitely save. Why did she personally vote to increase sales taxes? Democrats borrowed more money to fund a growing government, not a growing economy. Stop the madness: vote for Mark Richard, Republican, for state representative.

Bill Gardiner