Letter: Richard for Falmouth rep

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I had the privilege of attending Mark Richard’s Campaign Rally at his home in Falmouth, on Sept. 12. Several individuals were asked to speak on Mark’s behalf, several of whom I know and respect. I know them for being sincere and honest individuals who care deeply about what happens to Falmouth and Maine.

These are some of the phrases that were used yesterday when people spoke about Mark: his unequaled leadership abilities, his intelligence, his willingness to help out in any situation, his calm manner, his deep faith and his love for his family. Mark is the sort of fellow that we’d all like as a “next door neighbor.” He has a charming way about him and looks directly at you when you speak, letting you know he’s very much interested in you and what you have to say.

Mark will listen to his constituents and bring their voices and concerns to Augusta: to spend less, make government smaller, rein in taxes, eliminate deficit spending, create a “business-friendly” environment that encourages businesses to grow and jobs to be created.

Mark wants the best for all of us and we should all vote for him on Nov. 2.

Jennifer Gardiner