Letter: Richard, Davis for Falmouth

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Liberal and conservative politicians have spent the last 12-plus months blaming each other for the economic woes our nation is currently facing. Overlapping power/majority rule gives each group the ability make the same general argument on a national level. This is not true in the state of Maine. For the last eight-plus years, fiscally liberal politicians (who now call themselves “progressives”) have controlled the Blaine House and the Statehouse in Augusta. Their policies and treatment of the business community have lead to our current economic plight. The deficit being left for our next governor and Legislature is an embarrassment to all of us. Enough is enough. We need to elect fiscally conservative, pro-business representatives who are committed to reducing the size of our state government, spending within our means and creating an environment where businesses feel welcomed and supported, not taxed, regulated and berated into a state of exhaustion. It is for all these reasons that we are supporting Mark Richard for our state representative and Sen. Jerry Davis as our state senator. We hope you will do the same.

Tim & Lisa Bryant