Letter: Reverse the Pine Point decision

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Scarborough Town Councilors D’Andrea, Roy and Rancourt, who opposed an “end justifies the means” approach during July 15 deliberations, requesting additional information prior to voting on an inequitable land exchange in Pine Point, are commended for their patient, thoughtful and responsible positions. Hopefully they will be joined by at least one more councilor on Aug. 19 to reconsider this action.

The recent activity by the newly appointed town manager and subsequent council vote exchanging the end of the Pine Point Road (formerly Depot Street) to benefit a private entity, contrary to the express wishes of area residents and taxpayers (over 350 verified signatures to a citizens petition) while negotiating exclusively with that party is municipal irresponsibility.

Time remains for compromise, but as the song goes, “it takes two to tango.” To concede to the demands of the private entity because “that’s all we could get” is totally irresponsible and complete capitulation. I expect more of my elected representatives and public officials.

I urge the Town Council to reconsider the land exchange and act with integrity to negotiate a more reasonable arrangement benefiting not only the private entity but adjacent property owners and the public at large. Depot Street/Pine Point Road has been an integral and important resource in the community for well over 100 years. The council has a tremendous opportunity to accomplish a lasting legacy. Don’t blow it.

Harold Hutchinson