Letter: Republican debate went to Fiorina

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Carly Fiorina won the last Republican debate and no one is talking about the relevant things she said. Her definition of “Crony Capitalism” was right on and it was refreshing to see a Republican admitting that big business, and its corner on the tax code, is this country’s biggest economic problem. The media has not focused on her most important comments; hopefully the public will get the message anyway.

This shows how big business controls the media and can hush up and divert attention from the real problem this country faces. Her analogy of Hewlett Packard before she took control of it and the mess this country is in was right on, too. She saved the company from bankruptcy, just like she would have to do with this country. Nobody wants to face the real truth and the media is trying to keep the attention away from this issue.

Stevenson White
South Portland