Letter: Remember the environment on Election Day

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With voting day right around the corner, citizens are reviewing each candidate’s stand on numerous issues.  Jobs and the economy are rightly on everyone’s minds, but it’s also important to remember that Maine’s economy relies to a large degree on a healthy natural environment.

Before you head to the polls, we urge you to carefully examine which candidates support policies that will conserve our wildlife and open spaces, reduce chemical toxins and greenhouse gases, encourage compact development and revitalization of town centers, and encourage more energy conservation and efficiency. 

Candidates who support these priorities understand that wildlife-related outdoor recreation contributes over $1.2 billion dollars to Maine’s economy each year; that getting kids outside promotes good health and active learning; that property values increase for homes near conservation lands; that being able to walk or ride shorter distances between home, stores, schools and libraries saves money and reduces greenhouse gases; and that improving energy efficiency in our homes and work places will put thousands of people back to work in new innovative jobs.

Of course, none of this will happen unless you remember to go to the polls and vote for the candidate who supports both Maine’s wildlife and the economy, together.

Ted Koffman, executive director
Maine Audubon