Letter: Regulators fail Maine telephone customers

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Telephone consumers in Maine are being badly served by our government and specifically our own Public Utilities Commission. The quality of our Maine telephone service is awful. The PUC states on their website “the commission regulates electric, natural gas, telecommunications and water utilities to ensure that Maine consumers enjoy safe, adequate and reliable services at rates that are just and reasonable for both consumers and utilities.”

It is my opinion that our current telephone service is neither safe, adequate or reliable. The quality of our present service is horrible with lots of distortion and transmission level problems. Part of the problem is the varied VOIP and digital equipment that when coupled together destroys the quality to the point of useless.

The PUC is negligent in not identifying the problems and requiring they be looked at. The best that they seem to be able to do is pass the buck and repeatedly say, “Not my job, call the (Federal Communications Commission).” That fairs about as well, as the FCC is equally useless.

Government created this mess by breaking up AT&T and further made a mess by creating the Do Not Call List and allowing it to be avoided by off-shore call centers.

Most people I talk with feel the same way about communications in Maine. Most feel that it is only one reason to dislike government. They do not serve us well.

George A. Fogg
North Yarmouth