Letter: Reconsider Pine Point vote

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A “tired” chairman of Scarborough’s Town Council and an eager new town manager campaigned successfully to shut down a historic roadway to our ocean beach here in Pine Point forever, gifting it to an abutting ocean business, under the guise of a fair exchange for a narrow parking strip of land less than half the width of the road.

After having viewed a new graphic of a more equitable plan, after hearing 29 presenters requesting careful analysis and review, after receiving a petition signed by various members of the public, including a predominant number of Scarborough taxpayers favoring further study and review, a narrow 4-3 vote closed the doors on Depot Street at the sea.

Councilors D’Andrea and Rancourt were not to be dissuaded from a strong belief that further consideration might yield a better solution for Scarborough. Councilors Roy and Sullivan seemed troubled by a hasty decision and expressed their reservations and the need for more information. The other councilors – Wood, Babine and Ahlquist – seem bent on just getting the issue behind them, even though it may not be the best plan for Scarborough.

Councilors Roy and Sullivan can right this wrong by 1) making this issue an agenda item at the next Town Council Meeting in August, 2) requesting reconsideration, and 3) voting against the proposal. I hope each will do the right thing for Scarborough citizens and for Scarborough’s future beach access.

Ken Lane