Letter: Recall of Bath councilors a waste of money

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I was at the Bath City Council meeting on Aug. 21 to hear about the sale of a building that has been called into question by a few people in town.

My first problem was that it was very difficult to listen to this meeting considering the person who sat behind me talked through the entire meeting making some very biased comments to the man sitting beside her. This person happens to be a reporter from our local paper.

Once the meeting was adjourned she said very loudly, “Well they all lost their jobs.” It’s my understanding that reporters are supposed to be unbiased views of events for the members of the community. It’s very unfortunate that this reporter was obviously not able to separate her personal feelings from the meeting, and from her subsequent reporting of it. I had the opportunity to tell her: “You never back up this council and are always misquoting them and fueling the fire.”

As far as the meeting it self goes, in my opinion the executive sessions that go on in our communities are meant to be private. We elect these normal people to help be our voice, and having all this fuss is unnecessary and ends up costing the city more money, which none of us want to happen. The very small number of Bath residents  (who) want this recall will cost us all money. The council does the best job they can do and I personally back them all the way.

Michelle Peck