Letter: Re-elect Strang Burgess

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For the past number of years residents surrounding Forest Lake in Cumberland have been complaining about the trucking noise from the Maine Turnpike and the adjacent service area. No one at any level of our state government lifted a finger to help alleviate or even address the problem. It was then brought to the attention of Rep. Meredith Strang Burgess and she became a whirling dervish of energy focused on the problem. She wrote the first draft of an initial law to provide specific attention to the excessive noise law that was already in place, but not being enforced. The suggested law never got out of committee. Undeterred, she then rounded up other sponsors in the Legislature, including Sen. Jerry Davis, and resubmitted another improved draft. She has continued to work on this problem, finally resulting in the formation of a committee of interested stakeholders to not only arrive at a solution to truck noise, but now also unnecessary motorcycle noise.

Meredith truly represents the ideal way in which our representatives in Augusta should be working with the electorate to solve everyday problems. It is with great pleasure that I highly endorse Meredith for continuing as the representative for House District 108.

Bob Heyner