Letter: Re-elect Millett in Senate District 29

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Maine has a proud tradition of valuing our environment and our people. Democratic state Sen. Rebecca Millett understands that tradition.

Rebecca believes that all Mainers should have access to affordable health care. In 2013, Maine was one of only two states where the number of uninsured people increased. Rebecca has fought to accept federal funding to expand access for 70,000 low income Mainers and infuse millions of dollars into local economies.

Rebecca knows that working Mainers should be able to keep a roof over their head and afford household necessities. She voted to support a minimum wage increase and close the wage gap between genders in Maine.

Rebecca gets that keeping harmful chemicals out of household products, our air, and water helps keep Mainers healthy. Rebecca opposed corporate attacks on our environment.

I am voting to re-elect Rebecca Millett in Senate District 29 because she understands and fights for our values.

Carol Zechman
South Portland