Letter: Questions about Maine ballot questions

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Responding to the ballot questions with questions.

Question 1, Ranked Choice Voting: Why would we want a system bound to elect everyone’s second choice?

Question 2, Income Tax Surcharge: Why would we want to drive high-earners and small businesses from Maine?

Question 3, Legal Marijuana: Why would we want to attract more stoners to Maine?

Question 4, Minimum Wage: Why should (and how can) any business pay more for labor than the labor contributes in value to the enterprise?

Question 5, Gun Sales: How will this measure really make it any harder for criminals to obtain firearms?

Question 6: Transportation Bond: Given our recent experience with the ludicrous Interstate 295 tree removals, and the shamelessly wasteful Yarmouth Park-and- Ride lot, why do we not at least ask for a list of intended projects which will be added to MDOT’s agenda, before handing them another $100 Million?

Ralph Dean