Letter: Questions about Common Core standards

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I oppose a top-down education system. It got no debate, but received 2009 stimulus money. Common Core is a massive top-down system which is destructive to local curriculum.

I would suggest that each of you ask your education leaders 1) Where is the empirical evidence showing us Common Core will benefit children? 2) What data about children will Common Core tests collect? What about the data our state collects? Who has access to it? 3) What state laws and policies has Maine agreed to change as a result of signing a contract with the Common Core testing developers that they will do so? 4) What does Common Core mean for children in my area, in my school district? What, exactly, is changing because of it?

The purpose of education is the shaping of a human being, intellectually and morally, into a responsible, wise adult. Schools, then, play a large part in this, but so do families, communities, and churches.

Gordon Draper