Letter: Question the benefit of Portland needle exchange

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Zoe Odlin-Platz of the Portland Needle Exchange Program states that of the 1,500 Narcan kits distributed by the PNEP, 250 have been used to reverse overdoses (“New street drugs in Portland fuel overdoses, deaths, concern,” Aug. 16, 2016). But how many of those overdoses resulted from the injecting of drugs with syringes provided by the PNEP? How many times have PNEP needles been used in overdose deaths? By giving junkies the kits needed to both inject illicit drugs and recover from overdoses it seems the Portland Needle Exchange Program is working to guarantee it’s own existence.

Jay York

  • Robert Ballou

    Jay doesn’t know anything about addiction or addicts…an addict will re-use and share needles if no clean needles are available….ever hear of AIDS or Hep C ? Clean needles protect the partners of addicts who may be unaware of their needle use…Get a grip, get an education on the subject before you shoot your mouth off and stop hating those who have a disease. Addiction is recognized as a disease by the AMA and APA.

  • truther

    I have very little sympathy for most IV drug users but this letter is simply wrong. It’s been well proven that needle exchanges reduce disease and are a good thing to have. They don’t encourage drug use any more than giving out coupons in your Sunday circular encourages shoplifting.