Letter: Question 3 will close the gun loophole

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We have to do more to prevent gun violence.

Right now, there’s a loophole in Maine law that allows felons and domestic abusers to buy guns without a background check. We need to close that loophole, which is why I’m voting yes on Question 3.

Question 3 is common sense. It would ensure that a background check is required for all gun sales. Right now, it’s too easy to buy a gun from someone you met online or through the classified ads without a background check.

Gun violence is a problem that hurts too many families. Talk to your friends and neighbors, and it doesn’t take long to hear a story of tragedy and loss.

Question 3 can help. By requiring background checks for all gun sales, it will make it harder for domestic abusers and felons to buy a gun.

Erin Macey