Letter: Question 2 is all about jobs

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We have two companies in Ocean Properties and Scarborough Downs that are ready to invest $120 million into a state-of-the-art entertainment complex in Biddeford. These companies already employ more than 1,000 Mainers, and they would employ hundreds more if we approve the Biddeford Downs racino by voting yes on Question 2 on Nov. 8.

I understand that some people are opposed to slot machines. Let me ask you this: What is the difference between spending a dollar on the lottery and spending a dollar on the slots, or placing a bet on a horse? There is no difference.

Others say a racino will lead to more crime, drugs and vices of all kinds. Those are scare tactics. Biddeford Downs is a solid project backed by dependable, family-owned companies.

We should vote yes on 2 and let them get to work.

Matthew McNally