Letter: Question 1 vote gives Falmouth a 2nd chance

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Falmouth citizens sent a clear message on Question 1: many didn’t agree about the needs, and others didn’t see the value. I suggest the Town Council now do what should have been done in the first place.

First, honestly assess the real needs of Community Programs and the library and how much, if any, increased financial commitment the town can afford. Just because people (or department heads) “want” more services doesn’t mean we can or should provide them. Moving Community Programs to Motz is not free. Sales proceeds and taxes foregone are a direct increase in program costs. Anyhow, I’d bet most folks think keeping convenient silver bullets is more important than adding morning yoga.

Second, if additional space is required, identify the most cost-efficient way of providing it. What other resources are available in town? Is rehabbing old purpose built buildings really practical?

Finally, open up the entire site to redevelopment proposals. Set up a process that doesn’t discourage participants who could see that “the fix” was in on the last round. Encourage proposals that optimize the economic benefit to the town and accommodate our desires for some community spaces.

David R. Murray