Letter: Question 1 speaks to Falmouth's heart

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I was raised in Falmouth and went to school in the buildings involved in the Question 1 proposal. My mom was the assistant librarian at Plummer-Motz, and many community members were involved in building the outdoor classroom there, in her memory.

So I have a lot of emotion invested in this town. I believe in its reputation and the fact it’s a beautiful place to live. But I’m concerned that Falmouth is not focused enough on bringing its citizens together. For people without children in the schools, the town can feel very empty. The main places to run into fellow townspeople are commercial entities. As a teen, I remember hanging out in the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot.

Miscommunications have muddied the waters, but truly the Question 1 proposal is affordable and many smart people figured out how to make it possible for our town.

I will leave fiscal arguments to others and focus on “heart”: Falmouth needs a geographic heart, conveniently located buildings designated for all kinds of community activity; Falmouth needs more access to affordable physical activity for all ages, to help our physical hearts (playground, community programs offerings, gym; Falmouth needs to hold on to what is dear, its emotional heart.

These buildings are our heritage; you don’t just sell that off. What better way to improve life on all these fronts, than to use the Lunt/Plummer-Motz site as a clear town center for Falmouth?

Please vote with your heart on June 14.

Michelle Lamb