Letter: Question 1 can make dreams come true

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I have been lucky enough to grow up in Maine. One day, I would like to marry the person I love in Maine.

Like any girl I dreamed of my future. I aspired to be an astronaut or an architect. I played soccer with my classmates, I took honors classes; I was a regular teenager. While my ambitions have changed, one thing has stayed consistent: I want to get married and have a family that loves me.

This dream didn’t change after I came out at 19. Only one thing was different, when I was 18, my dream of getting married was not only acceptable, but expected. When I was 19, it was against the law. I am no less deserving of marriage and happiness than anyone else.

This Nov. 6, please join me in voting yes on Question 1 so all people can marry the person they love.

Dana Roberts