Letter: Question 1 breeds Chicken Littles

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Chicken Little got hit by an acorn and threw the barnyard into a frenzy when he ran around screaming that the sky was falling. Now he’s running around predicting social calamity if we allow same-sex marriage. I realize some people have sincere personal objections to same-sex marriage. I respect that, but please be sure your objections are based on plausible reality, not Chicken Little hysteria. I’m hearing a vast amount of Chicken Little and not much plausibility.

My wife and I lived in Massachusetts during that state’s same-sex marriage debate. Chicken Little predicted the same social disasters he’s predicting for Maine. None of it happened. None. Traditional marriage continues as before. Parents continue to raise their children as they wish. Schools teach the same things they always have. Today in Massachusetts, people wonder what all the fuss was about. My wife and I are now back in Maine. We are certain that same-sex marriage will be the same non-event here as it is in Massachusetts.

What will same-sex marriage in Maine really mean? Same-sex couples will be able to get married. That’s it. Read the text of the law on maine.gov and see for yourself. Unless you are the type who sits up nights being miserable because some people you never heard of are happy, same-sex marriage is unlikely to affect you. Don’t believe Chicken Little. Vote no on Question 1 and help bring equality, fairness and individual liberty to Maine.

Steve Wellcome