Letter: Put Doyle on Falmouth School Board

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As a former, longtime resident of Falmouth, and someone who has known Michael Doyle very well for over 10 years, I’m writing to support his candidacy for School Board.

There is a real fear among certain groups that he will win a seat on the Board. You’ll see it in the next few weeks as the attacks on him increase in numbers and viciousness.

Is Michael abrasive? You bet he is. Is he right on numbers in his research? You bet he is. Is he able to get along with all types of people? You bet he is. I witnessed him, as a volunteer, work with severely mentally disabled adults and bring the best out of them for six years. He should be able to do the same thing with the Falmouth School Board given the opportunity.

Put Doyle on the board. Give him a bullet vote.

Mary Edwards
San Antonio, Texas