Letter: PSO performance disappoints

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Your article on composer Elliot Schwartz was very informative, but I noticed you did not critique “Diamond Jubilee.” I will.

It was hard to tell which was worse – the slide show or the “music.” It was supposed to be music, wasn’t it? Isn’t music supposed to have some kind of theme, something that a listener could remember when the piece was finished?

I lost my appreciation of the sophistication of the Portland Symphony Orchestra audience when they applauded so wildly when the piece was finished. I can only guess that it’s a loyalty thing for one of “Maine’s own.” I’m from Connecticut and have been attending and enjoying PSO concerts for over 10 years. I hope the PSO has Mr. Schwartz out of their system for good and will get back to playing real music again.

Art Niedzielski
Newtown, Conn.