Letter: Pruitt shouldn’t be leading the EPA

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At a time when caring for the environment is becoming more crucial, we are seeing the deliberate deconstruction of laws by the part of the government that had the most potential.

Scott Pruitt, famous for fighting against the EPA before becoming its leader, has worked vigorously to dismantle some of the most important progress we’ve made in fighting air pollution, lessening health hazards in the water, and protecting our planet.

Pruitt won’t admit any wrongdoing. The reason for taking first-class business flights, on the public’s dime, is because he doesn’t want to admit that he is, in fact, significantly harming something he was appointed to help. Something that we all need to survive. But clearly, he doesn’t care.

So what can we do, as common folk, about this? I’m not honestly sure. I don’t have a degree in political science, nor have I ever worked in public office. But I care about our planet, just like every other reasonable person, and I’m appalled at what Pruitt has done so far. I keep hoping that things can turn around. I really want to believe that the situation will. Maybe senators and representatives can do something about this man who doesn’t deserve to be head of the EPA? Whatever it is, we can’t just sit back, moan among ourselves on social media, and wonder what tomorrow will bring. We’ve got to do something before we can’t do anything.

Matthew Hubbell
Cape Elizabeth