Letter: Proud to agree with Beem

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Edgar Allen Beem seems to get a lot of flak so I’d like to say that I enjoy reading his column (and I would bet all his naysayers do as well) and agree with every word he says.

The gentleman who wrote to debate Beem on progressive taxation I believe misses the point: of course the super-rich pay the bulk of taxes. Seeing as they make gross amounts of money, this is how it should be. It doesn’t take an economist – it’s all about perception.

Beem’s take on the potential (but hardly inevitable) economic collapse follow this endless debate on taxation nicely. Perhaps such a scenario would bring out the best in most people, while the selfish fear-mongers are hunkered in their bunkers. I like his more positive prediction of the idea that people might – gasp – share with one another. But then again, I’m a liberal softie like Beem, and very proud to be one.

Jennifer Hodsdon