Letter: Protests won’t convince Trump supporters

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It has finally happened. Edgar Allen Beem has confessed that he is deranged (“The Universal Notebook: The misery of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome'”). Many of us who have read his political rants over the years have felt this, but were too polite to say so.

As usual, Beem submits his wild opinion as fact and anyone who does not agree with him is a “mindless teeny-bopper.” Who else but Justin Bieber fans could vote for Trump? Beem does not care that the “working stiffs” voted for Trump, but how they are conflated with the Bieber teeny-boppers who also supposedly swept Trump to victory is poorly supported. “Misguided celebrity worshipers” would apply more to Trump detractors than his supporters.

Beem knows Trump is unqualified. “He is a game show president, a celebrity playing at being president.” Although the man has built a worldwide empire of resorts, hotels, golf courses, and buildings, his qualifications pale in comparison to Beem’s hero, Barack Obama. The man who was elected to office with a very thin resume of accomplishments: community organizer and freshman senator.

One has to admit, however, that Beem is not alone in his derangement syndrome. It seems that many of the left have become unhinged now that their party is out of power. “Resist” is the battle cry. The mobs will solve what the election did not.

So as Beem and his fellow deranged liberals continue to try to rule by mass demonstrations, they might take heed. The 62,979,636 Trump voters are still with him. Moreover, independent voters are being turned off by your hysteria.

Gerald Caruso