Letter: Protests won’t convince Trump supporters

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It has finally happened. Edgar Allen Beem has confessed that he is deranged (“The Universal Notebook: The misery of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome'”). Many of us who have read his political rants over the years have felt this, but were too polite to say so.

As usual, Beem submits his wild opinion as fact and anyone who does not agree with him is a “mindless teeny-bopper.” Who else but Justin Bieber fans could vote for Trump? Beem does not care that the “working stiffs” voted for Trump, but how they are conflated with the Bieber teeny-boppers who also supposedly swept Trump to victory is poorly supported. “Misguided celebrity worshipers” would apply more to Trump detractors than his supporters.

Beem knows Trump is unqualified. “He is a game show president, a celebrity playing at being president.” Although the man has built a worldwide empire of resorts, hotels, golf courses, and buildings, his qualifications pale in comparison to Beem’s hero, Barack Obama. The man who was elected to office with a very thin resume of accomplishments: community organizer and freshman senator.

One has to admit, however, that Beem is not alone in his derangement syndrome. It seems that many of the left have become unhinged now that their party is out of power. “Resist” is the battle cry. The mobs will solve what the election did not.

So as Beem and his fellow deranged liberals continue to try to rule by mass demonstrations, they might take heed. The 62,979,636 Trump voters are still with him. Moreover, independent voters are being turned off by your hysteria.

Gerald Caruso

  • EdBeem

    Trump approval ratings at 41%, disapproval 55%. Sad. All-time low. Worst so-called president ever. Trump will not be recognized as a legitimate president until 1) he releases his tax returns so Americans will know whether he is self-dealing, 2) he puts his assets in a blind trust so he won’t have so many conflicts of interest 3) his Russian connections are thoroughly investigated so we can be sure he is not a Russian puppet and 4) he proves that he can actually read even though he doesn’t.

  • poppypapa

    From a column I just saw:

    Finally, leftists lack self-awareness. They think they are the
    apotheosis of tolerance when in fact they are far less tolerant than
    most conservatives. They think they embody kindheartedness when in fact
    the further left you go, the greater the meanness. And they think they
    suffer uniquely when they lose a national election.

    Leftists’ pain is not one whit greater than that of conservatives
    four years ago. But many of them can’t handle pain nearly as well. If
    they could, they’d be grown-ups and no longer on the Left.

    • truther

      Do you seriously believe this? Do you honestly think that the majority of American voters can be reduced to “leftists” who lack self awareness and aren’t grown up?

      Has it crossed your mind that a president who issues flatly unconstitutional executive orders, hires national security advisors who can’t last more than a few weeks before their illegal Russian ties are exposed, and who generally makes one misstep after another, just might possibly provoke outrage from an informed electorate that wants to live in a well-functioning civil society?

      I sigh when I read stuff like this because it genuinely seems to be what passes for informed observation these days. Some stupid missive lacking in any substance, critical thought or reason. It’s like we’ve returned to the days of “Commies hate their children.” Trump’s a disaster. Any rational person can see that. That millions of people are actually going out and protesting about it doesn’t make it less true.

      • poppypapa

        QED. Thanks

        Here’s another recent observation I read; you better sit down before you read this one, and put on a CCD (cranial containment device).

        “Everywhere is a cry for attention, the outraged competing with the
        enraged competing with the deranged (and that’s just the editorial board
        of the New York Times).”

        • truther

          Don’t worry, that won’t make my head explode. I’m not even sure I understand it.

      • Lucy Ball

        Which ones of President Trump’s Executive Orders are unconstitutional? Don’t bother listing the travel ban. The 9th didn’t consider the Constitution in their decision.

        • truther

          Of course the Ninth Circuit considered the Constitution in their decision. Let me quote two passages in particular:

          On whether Trump had shown a likelihood of success: “The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution prohibits the Government from depriving individuals of their ‘life, liberty or property without due process of law.’ . . . . The Government has not shown that the Executive Order provides what due process requires, such as notice and a hearing before restricting an individual’s right to travel.” (page 19)

          On whether the Ninth Circuit could review the order: “Indeed, federal courts routinely review the constitutionality of — and even invalidate — actions taken by the executive to promote national security, and have done so even in times of conflict.” (page 17)

    • Queenie42

      We have a no-nothing, bigoted, racist, misogynist, fear-mongering, xenophobic, bullying, blowhard megalomaniac for a President and we are supposed to be TOLERANT of this? We are supposed to be tolerant that this same President is a puppet of Putin? That he dealt directly or indirectly as a citizen, before he was sworn into office and is using the United States as his own personal cash cow? That his security chief has resigned in shame for his dealings with Putin? That our White House is being used as a Soviet satellite by the likes of Bannon, Miller, and other assorted, lying and nefarious characters?
      That kind of tolerance?
      Surely you jest. But you won’t be joking and smug when this whole house of cards come tumbling down.
      Let’s all hope someone takes away the football with the nuclear codes from him of thin skin before he, in a fit of pique, has a tantrum and blows us all up.
      And you say leftists lack self-awareness? Look in that mirror again if you can stand the truth.

      • Chew H Bird

        I now a few folks in a small village in southern Maine. They pretty much all voted for Trump. They did so because the people in this neighborhood have small and much older homes. Many have broken cars on their lawns. Some of them may drink a bit and others have children they cannot afford to raise. So why did they vote for Trump?

        I suspect they voted for someone who exhibited many of the faults they themselves suffer from. They voted for someone whose choice of words mirror their own. They voted for someone who they perceive to be a success that reminds them of themselves.

        What we have is a failure of our education system to instill a passion for learning and adapting to a rapidly changing employment landscape. We have old professions that are shrinking and new ones that many of this mindset do not understand. We have drastically rising medical costs that many in this perpetual debt situation blame on the well spoken and comparatively wealthy.

        “The left”, (in general), has failed to recognize the plight of these families who have a strong sense of identity, overdrawn bank accounts, and debt they will never escape. In this village, the neighbors all know each other by name and share picnic tables, play cards with their neighbors, and physically help eachother as best they can. It is a far different scene than what I have seen in neighborhoods made up of McMansions with security systems where parents helicopter their kids in their SUV’s before school.

        • Queenie42

          If this is in reply to what I posted, I fail to see the connection. Do you think I live in a McMansion? I live in a double wide. Do you think I have no empathy with these families? I do. I am saddened by the poverty, not just in dollars but also in the poverty of the mind. Do they believe they will be better off under a Conservative/Republican government that is salivating to destroy any and all parts of the social safety net or Medicare and Social Security that these folks might rely on? Are they really that gullible to believe the lies from the right wing nutters who want them as they are? Poor, sick and uneducated?

          • Chew H Bird

            I simply think the perception is the past few decades have done nothing to alleviate the problems within this population group. A candidate that sounds like them, talks like them, is treated like them (in some ways), who appears to have been successful is why they voted for him. While Ms. Clinton may have had more popular votes, the sixty million plus who voted for Trump need to be considered as people instead of portrayed as some of the more extreme liberals paint them.

            I think the solution is ultimately to revise and re-invent the safety net so it is sustainable, better targeted at those who need it most, and provide incentives for people needing assistance to grow out of that need.