Letter: Protect Falmouth property rights

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Why do some Falmouth town councilors want more land restrictions exceeding even state requirements – at what cost to property owners and taxpayers for enforcement – while we are already burdened with high taxes?

If we don’t stop some runaway councilors with their own agendas, Falmouth property owners will very quickly regret our extremely expensive apathy.

As a resident of Falmouth for almost 26 years, I was never really concerned about what the council did. After all, shouldn’t the council represent the best interests of all its residents? But after talking to many residents, property owners and renters , I couldn’t find anyone that thought this “Resource Protection” proposal was reasonable.

If you buy a house in a development after this becomes law, someday you might want to add a deck to your house, a tool shed in your backyard, an addition on your house for an elderly mother, or any other normal changes we take for granted today. If this council regulation becomes law, you might find out your improvement is too close to a puddle (vernal pool) or an area of concern (as yet undefined), and you will be denied that request.

If we don’t take back control of our town government, this regulation will force 50 percent of buildable land to be kept as open space. This is uncompensated confiscation of private property. Let your councilors know that we do not want more local government restrictions and we are watching them.

Michael Doyle