Letter: Property sale dispute threatens to divide Bath

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For reasons I can’t understand, during the debate over the sale of the Mid Coast Center for Higher Education in Bath, we have been often reminded that there are those who were born here and those of us who choose to move here and make Bath their home. We arrive and get involved. We join the museums and organizations. We spend our dollars supporting the local businesses, restaurants and retailers of all types. We pay real estate taxes, excise taxes and other fees and expenses that allow our city and schools to function.

This is my point of confusion. Are we to just write checks and keep our mouths shut? Are we good neighbors, only if we don’t ask a question or try to gain an understanding? One citizen went so far as to say if I didn’t stop, I’d be “thrown out of Bath.”

It seems very narrow minded to believe that Bath has two classes of citizens. I know I’ve never seen my “from away” discount for being a second-class citizen. Maine wants and needs tourists and many of them become future residents. In an effort to belittle those from away, be careful not to kill the golden goose. Be aware that we were all from away at some point. All of us have something to offer and we need to find the best way to include, not exclude. History and new ideas need to coexist for the benefit of all.

Larry Scott