Letter: Problems with same-sex marriage

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The apathy of the citizens of Maine before the Legislature’s vote on same-sex marriage was apparent. Emotionalism has strained the citizens. They will respond to the grand folly that was passed by the Legislature and the governor. The citizens had a sensible measure of tolerance. Today it is a family issue. The citizens are not asking to subvert the status of the same-sex union, but they do not want to call it a “marriage.” How much of the Legislature’s ineptitude was ignorance? How much was a deliberate provocation? Ignorance may be a factor. This attack against the definition of marriage has surprised many people in the state; the Legislature’s wrong-headed vote is shocking.

The ideology of same-sex marriage must be examined from all aspects. One critical aspect yet to be examined is the financial impact. One of the spouses will now be able to draw from the public trough. This will cost all of us. Once again the state finances will be expanded.

A society depends on the procreation of the next generation. Embracing same-sex marriage threatens the continued development of our society. To promote it is the destruction of the creation of the family, which is the basis of civilized society. The well-being of the family determines the success of a society.

James B. Pickett