Letter: Praise for Cumberland officials, employees

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I am writing to express my support and thanks to the Cumberland Town Council and our town manager for their selfless giving to the community in which they live and serve. They are guided by our Comprehensive Plan and do what is best for the town and citizens.

Although I do not always agree with the decisions made by the council, recent criticisms that they are not sensitive to the needs of the citizens, demonstrate lack of transparency in dealings, and are not seeking input from citizens are simply not true.

Specifically, a recent proposed zoning change to reduce required lot sizes from four acres to two acres resulted in four additional public hearings. This issue was tabled and is under further review by a citizen committee. A proposed ordinance addressing dogs off leash at town public spaces provided six meetings for public input before a compromise decision was made using input gathered. A contract zone to enable the town to make Harris Road a through road provided five opportunities for input, and again a change in the final outcome. Most recently a proposal to purchase land to provide waterfront access for all citizens, with the intent of bringing it to referendum, has begun.

It is impossible to please all the people all the time. However, it has been my personal experience that our Town Council, town manager and town employees do their very best to respond and serve all of the citizens of Cumberland.

Teri Maloney-Kelly