Letter: Pownal, Durham lose in RSU 5

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Freeport has controlling votes over RSU 5. Having resolved ourselves to that fact, Pownal is trying to work within this consolidation to give our children the best education.

In a neighborly gesture towards Pownal and Durham, Mr. Regier, a Freeport voter, made a motion to leave the curriculum coordinator position at half-time. Ultimately, the motion to decrease the position was defeated. Freeport resident Melissa Roberts-Fishman, referring to voting for reductions in the budget, said “a no vote is not a vote to end consolidation. A no vote is a vote in favor of decreasing the quality of education for our children. They cannot be casualties of our faulty decision making.” I’m sad that Ms Fishman would even suggest that we in Pownal and Durham care little about the quality of educating our children. Pumping $23.5 million into the schools will not necessarily improve the quality of education. This administrative-heavy budget is costing Pownal a 26 percent tax increase, Durham a 19 percent tax increase and giving Freeport a 1.28 percent tax decrease.

This RSU was supposed to save money. Oh yes, it has – the state of Maine has saved by cutting our funding. And, it’s a cash cow for Freeport.

Lin White