Letter: Portland offers sanctuary, but at a risk

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On July 1 Kate Steinle was shot dead, allegedly by an illegal alien, in San Francisco, a sanctuary city. The alleged illegal alien, Francisco Sanchez, had been deported five times and had returned to San Francisco because he knew San Francisco was a sanctuary city where he would not be pursued by immigration officials.

Portland is a sanctuary city. How many Francisco Sanchezes live here? How many illegal immigrants come here in order to avoid apprehension? How many crimes do they commit?

So I ask the mayor and city councilors, why is Portland a sanctuary city? Why are you putting the citizens of and the visitors to Portland in danger? What would be the maximum number of deaths and rapes attributable to illegal aliens before you would act?

My advice to all would be to flee the city until the time comes when our immigration laws are again enforced. If you live in the city I suggest you have a conversation with your councilor.

Harry White