Letter: Portland isn't the place for JFK carrier

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Regarding your recent article “Group eyes Ocean Gateway for carrier,” I was taken aback by the comments made by the group’s spokesman. Richard Fitzgerald seems to presume that there is absolutely no opposition to the idea of putting the JFK carrier in Portland Harbor. He appears deaf to concerns expressed by the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Association, as well as many other negative opinions that have been voiced over the past several months. I also wonder how he can say about the City Council, “I take their silence as tacit approval,” when he is aware that there is a protocol to follow regarding any proposal, and many stages involved in the final approval process. As a resident of Portland and Munjoy Hill, I have not run into a single person who is in favor of this plan.

There is a certain hubris involved in this whole proposition. It is curious to me that Mr. Fitzgerald lives in Buxton. How many of the other 50 members of his group live outside the city of Portland? It is interesting that those who are most intent on getting the JFK to Portland would not be living with it every day.

How anyone can consider placing such a monstrosity in our beautiful bay, and spoiling the natural and historic beauty of this harbor is beyond me.

I look forward to the next public discussion on this issue.

Carolyn Treat