Letter: Politics, not constituents, matters to Timmons

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If you have had the chance, like I have, to skate on Knight’s Pond from one end to the other and all the way around it, then you will know one of many reasons that makes this property so special.

I don’t know if it needs protection from development or not. But I do know the land is private and any use of it is at the discretion of the owner, as it should be.

The residents of Cumberland and North Yarmouth recently voted to acquire this land so that the public might enjoy it more fully. To be enjoyed not only by residents of Cumberland or North Yarmouth, but all those who like to explore the many recreational opportunities in our area. To be enjoyed not just at the discretion of the current owner, but for generations to come. These opportunities are few and far between, and the residents chose to seize the chance to share Knight’s Pond with the public.

I am disappointed that state Rep. Michael Timmons did not support his constituents when given the chance. I was mystified as to why he promised to support us, and then went back on his promise when the time came to cast his vote. His recent explanation leads me to believe he is more interested in serving the governor than his constituents. Unfortunate indeed.

Mike Perfetti