Letter: Please respect Falmouth farm, forest area

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People driving Route 100 in front of Winslow Farm may wonder: Why did the ducks cross the road? Perhaps because our Indian Runner ducks, which do not fly, feel the nesting opportunities in the wet, brushy areas across the street are more desirable for raising their young.

In this case, however, they will never get the chance to prove this hypothesis right or wrong because the moronic drivers who feel they cannot slow down for the ducks have now killed four of them. Many thanks, though, to the lovely woman who stopped to tell us, with tears in her eyes, that the driver coming toward her, despite her honking and yelling, made no attempt to even slow his car and proceeded to hit one unsuspecting duck.

We are fortunate to live and work in what is known as the Farm and Forest District of Falmouth. As part of this important heritage, any thinking, caring person or entity might expect animals to be an integral part of the agricultural system. As such, we feel that the speed limits on this stretch of Route 100 do not respect this, nor do they respect the working, walking individuals who care for the land and its livestock or wildlife.

Sarah Boudreau