Letter: Please don't feed the ducks

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I am writing because I would like to publicize the issue of feeding ducks. I know it is a fun way to spend time with your family, and its great to sit and watch the pond. I know people think they are helping by feeding the ducks, but you are really not. Feeding ducks can cause duck malnutrition, disease, pollution, over-crowding, and loss of natural behavior. The ducks will have a constant food source, so they won’t need to migrate. Then over time they will lose the muscles they have for flying and won’t be able to migrate. Ever again.

You may think that just feeding them every once and a while is OK, but imagine how many people think that, and go just every once and a while. Just be smart and don’t feed the ducks; it’s killing them and making the ponds very unattractive, particularly the pond in Mill Creek (South Portland), and also the pond in Evergreen Cemetery. The ducks are becoming overcrowded and crazy. Please help the ducks, so they can be healthy.

Abbey Record, grade 7
Lincoln Middle School