Letter: Pesticide film sends strong message

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I attended Paul Tukey’s powerful film “A Chemical Reaction” at Yarmouth high school. Today I registered for the notification registry so that I can be aware of neighbors who have just had their lawn sprayed. Here is the wording from the Maine state Web site:

“Communication informs the applicator to stop pesticides from drifting onto your property as required by law. And, you can take measures to protect yourself and your family from unintended or accidental exposure by closing windows, taking clothes off the laundry line, or keeping children and pets indoors.”

It is shocking and almost surreal that with warnings like this on a product that we use cosmetically and impacts neighbors, and the fact that the entire province of Quebec enacted a ban on cosmetic pesticide use, that you can learn more from seeing the film mentioned above, and that it is still legal here in the U.S.

Our neighbor to the north is flying the red flag, and I don’t mean the maple leaf.

Jacqueline Rouda