Letter: Performing arts center will enhance SAD 51

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   We are writing to support the proposed School Administrative District 51 performing arts center. We believe that performing and visual arts are important parts of the education we offer our children and grandchildren.

The arts have long been considered “extras” in this country; less critical than“core” subjects such as math and reading. But studies show that exposure to the arts helps kids do better academically. The arts are also a proven way to teach kids how to think creatively, to innovate, to work together, and to connect school to the adult world.

There is a financial cost, and we are among those retirees concerned with rising taxes. Fortunately, our towns have a history of supporting projects that, though controversial at the outset. have proved to be of great benefit. We believe that this center will only enhance our already wonderful community, and we will be proud that we built it.

Peter & Connie Bingham