Letter: 'Peace through strength' doesn't really work

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John Balantine’s selective view of the real world in asserting that peace through strength works is mind-boggling.

North Korea added long-range missiles to its nuclear weapons, representing a serious threat that blustering about obliterating its millions provided no absolute guarantee of either South Korean or U.S. security for all of the Aegis destroyer missiles poised in the neighborhood. Of necessity, Washington got real and sacrificed a first-strike option for security. Simple good sense, no cause for a Nobel unless the unrealized promise of Obama’s is the measure of qualification. Ergo, peace through weakness.

As it happened, I read Balantine’s euphoric celebration of Trump just a moment before watching Trump’s contemptuous dismissal of desperate refugees from the criminal spawn of U.S.-promoted, supported, and financed Salvadoran death squads, Nicaraguan contra terrorists, the genocidal Rios Montt Guatemalan dictatorship Reagan celebrated, and the rampant criminals loosed under the illegitimate presumptive Honduran president whose coup Hillary Clinton’s support and recognition alone enabled. Children as well as adults do their bidding or put their families in danger so they flee, leaving home, friends, and family, traveling in a caravan for safety, and, unwelcome in Mexico, seek refuge here, only to be met by Trump’s blatant racism and sick narcissism, which preclude even a whiff of compassion.

Later in the evening I watched an evangelical clergyman celebrate Trump’s Christian policies, which, he seemed to overlook, do not include the Gospel call to welcome the stranger in our midst.

William H. Slavick