Letter: Payne column misses the point

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Tony Payne receives high marks for projecting misconceptions about business here in Maine.

He is stuck on the idea that taxes and worker benefits stunt job creation. Surely low taxes are helpful to entice employers to locate to this state. However, there are other more compelling reasons why companies are avoiding Maine or failing in Maine. Businesses do not fail here in Maine because of taxes. They fail because of low-quality managers and an untrained workforce.

Statistics tells us that Maine has one of the lowest percentages of highly educated professionals in the nation. I think that tells the story about our predicament with job creation and industry staying power. The quality and competency of the workforce is our No.1 problem to solve.

Finally, Payne’s opinion that sick leave is not good for business contradicts the national reality.

All major companies, including companies here in Maine, have benefit policies as part of the total compensation packages with competitive benefits including paid sick leave and paid family leave for full-time employees. Without such benefits you cannot attract and retain good qualified people in today’s business environment.

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way” can be applied to all the participants in industry, including management, workers, and teary-eyed business owners. Where have you been, Tony?

Svend Strandbygaard