Letter: Payeur for state rep, Manchester for senator

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The candidates opposing Republicans Greg Payeur and Cathy Manchester have dangerous agendas which disregard private property and employers’ rights, and increase regulations and taxes. That ultimately pushes young graduates to leave Maine for acceptable employment and encourages well-to-do Maine retirees to make Florida or other lower-tax states their primary residence. Maine loses.

For years I watched Falmouth councilors like Fred Chase, Tony Payne, Dave Libby, Faith Varney, Russ Anderson and others respectfully restrain the runaway “midnight train” of expensive, expansive and arrogant agendas of Cathy Breen and Teresa Pierce. They claimed fiscal responsibility, but it seemed they never saw a grandiose town initiative, expenditure, bond or tax they didn’t like. If they attain power to take away more of your money and rights, look out.

Don’t take that chance. Consult Chase, Payne, Libby, Varney, Anderson and others you trust. Get their opinions. Vote Payeur in House District 44 and Manchester in Senate District 25.

Bill Gardiner