Letter: Pass the Brunswick school budget, bond

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My son attends kindergarten in one of the portable units that are a point of concern regarding Coffin Elementary School’s aging infrastructure. In the first few weeks of school, I asked him what he thought about going to school in his “cottage.” He gave me a big smile and said “I like it, Mommy, because Mrs. Lucas makes sure we have everything we need out there.” Out of the mouth of a babe comes a clear truth: The shining stars of Coffin are not the buildings, but the amazing teachers, administrators and staff who make the school a special place.

In our current political climate, public schools are not getting the support they deserve. I urge Brunswick voters to pass the school budget and authorize the bond to fund a new elementary school. We will be showing our teachers, administrators and staff that we support them, no matter what goes on outside the town limits.

Callie McMahon

  • poppypapa

    Memo re: the letter writer. This passage shows she knows nothing about how the School Departments finances work, and how “messages” get sent to teachers, staff, and administrators.

    “We will be showing our teachers, administrators and staff that we support them, no matter what goes on outside the town limits.”

    Virtually all of the above have contracts that determine their salaries and regular pay raises, and grant them Cadillac benefits, including health care for which taxpayers pay 85% or more of the cost. Teachers, by contract, receive annual raises in the range of 5%. All of this will continue regardless of how the votes turn out on the school issues. Others receive raises tied to the teacher raises.

    So if you want credibility when you write, please know your facts. Otherwise all you are dealing in is emotion, and the writers have been raised by the standard propaganda offered by the usual suspects.

    • EdBeem

      And the usual crackpot badmouths everything in the community. Try doing something positive one of these days.

  • poppypapa

    Thanks for adding so much factually to the discussion, Eddie. You are a ‘usual suspect,’ dealing in emotion, especially in this case, which even includes a sideways blast at the Trumpster. You must have wet your pants when you read it.

    We can always tell when you are at a loss for an argument based on facts; you play the ad hominem card as a distraction. Better you should just play in your own pile of mud, rather than tracking it all over town.

    By the way…I did try something positive, but the Forecaster wouldn’t get rid of you.

    Feel free to correct my statements about contracts and raises and such. I’m sure you know much more about them than I do.