Letter: Parking ban unnecessary in South Portland

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Most towns and cities in Maine during this slight winter storm season got through on several nights, where there was an official snow street parking ban. Imagine that. A handful of nights where you could not park on the street, without a ticket or a tow. Not so in South Portland. We are on the home stretch of about 150 nights when it was not lawful to park your vehicle on the street or road. From Nov. 1 to April 1 you will get ticketed in the city of South Portland for parking outside of a driveway or garage.

This has been going on for years. Who would come up with such a downright terrible idea and what city council or town government would enact such a prohibition? I always thought city councils were were elected to improve the lives of the citizens who put them in office. Far too many times I don’t get that sense in this city.

I propose that we go to the sanity of parking bans when we actually have a winter storm. Do away with the five-month parking ban.

Zoo Cain
South Portland